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Homeland Security Credentialing

Code Course Title CEs Price
AS01B Anti-Sabotage: A guide for Military, Government, and Private Organizations 30 $495.00
CASP01 Certified Aviation Security Professional, CASP 30 $595.00
CIA101A Certified in Information Assurance, CIA 30 $395.00
CIP01 Certified in Infrastructure Protection, CIP 30 $495.00
CMC01A Certified Master Chaplain, CMC 30 $395.00
CNTA01 Certified in National Threat Analysis, CNTA: Psychosocial Aspects of Homegrown Terrorism 30 $495.00
CWC01A Certified in Cyber Warfare TTP's 1 30 $495.00
DP101 Certified in Disaster Preparedness, CDP-I exam 30 $495.00
HS1010C CHS-I 30 $165.00
HS1020C CHS-II 30 $225.00
HS1030C CHS-III 30 $250.00
HS1040C CHS-IV 30 $495.00
HS1050C CHS-V 30 $495.00
HSEMR01 Homeland Security and Emergency Medical Response 30 $495.00
IAC01A Intelligence Analyst Certified, IAC: The U.S. Intelligence Community and the Intelligence Cycle 30 $495.00
SEM101A Safety and Emergency Manager, SEM 30 $395.00
SSI01A Sensitive Security Information, Certified (SSI) 30 $495.00

Homeland Security Courses

Code Course Title CEs Price
CHIL01 The Impact of War on Children 8 $124.95
CMC01B Military Chaplaincy 8 $79.95
CMC01C Law Enforcement Chaplaincy 3.5 $79.95
CMC01D Hospital Chaplaincy 4 $79.95
CMC01E Major World Religions 7 $79.95
CMC01F Hospice Chaplaincy 6 $79.95
CMC01G The Chaplain's Assistant 2.5 $79.95
CMC01H Prison and Jail Chaplaincy 5 $79.95
COM01 Combat Stress Management and Intervention 8 $124.95
COOP01 Continuity of Operations/Continuity of Government Planning COOP/COG 5 $124.95
CRC01 Crisis Response Coordinator, CRC® Course 4 $60.00
EES01 Establishing Executive Security 5 $124.95
FNS01A Fundamentals of Network Security 2.5 $79.95
HS1000A The Hospital Emergency Receiver Team: Its Development As A Tool For Homeland Security Readiness and Response 8 $120.00
HS1001 Responding to Trucking and Rail Incidents Involving Hazardous Materials 6 $24.95
HSESF8 Federal Support for ESF #8 - Public Health and Medical Services Annex 6 $99.95
IDTHEFT01 FACTA Identity Theft Red Flags 2 $79.95
MARS01 Maritime and Facility Security Operations 7 $99.95
NRF National Response Framework 2.5 $24.95
OPP01 Deploying an Organizational Pandemic Plan 3 $79.95
SSS01 School Safety and Security 2.5 $124.95
TTS01 Terrorism Trauma Syndrome 3 $124.95
TWCT01 Understand the Threat: 21st Century Terrorism 3.5 $124.95

Homeland Security Short Courses

Code Course Title CEs Price
ABCHSON13 Improving Federal Veterinarian Capacity: A Vital Issue in U.S. Homeland Security 1 FREE
IHS01408 Mitigating the Risk of Gun Violence through the Use of Technology 1 FREE
IHS01410 The Threat of Gender Stereotypes on the Administration of Justice 1 FREE
IHS01411 Impact on Special Population Groups of Chemical-Biological Terrorism 1 FREE
IHS0301 Understanding and Attacking the Money Laundering Target, Focus: Terrorist Financing 1 FREE
IHS0305 Is the Healthcare Industry Prepared for Terrorism? 1 FREE
IHS0306 Pre-Approved Identity Theft in the Workplace: Could You Be the Next Victim? 1 FREE
IHS0315 Mindset Re-Orientation: A Critical Component of Protection Training 1 FREE
IHS0401 Hamas: What is the Relationship Between Political Violence and Islam? 1 FREE
IHS0402 A Paradigm Shift: Seven Steps to Rapid Planning 1 FREE
IHS0405 Illegal Immigration: The Importation of Crime? 1 FREE
IHS04051 Border Security and International Trade: How Industry Helps Secure the Global Supply Chain 1 FREE
IHS0407 Sunni-Shia Conflict: Evidence of a Greater Islamist Movement 1 FREE
IHS0415 The Future of Terrorism and Fear 1 FREE
IHS0501 Four Common Myths About Chemical and Biological Terrorism 1 FREE
IHS05011 Campus Security: An Overview 1 FREE
IHS0502 Co-opting the Hawala System Financing of Terror 1 FREE
IHS0503 Insecticides: Basic Knowledge for the Security Professional 1 FREE
IHS0504 TERRORISTS IN PRISON: The Challenge Facing Corrections 1 FREE
IHS0505 Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) and Homeland Security (HLS): The Need for Continued Quality Improvement 1 FREE
IHS0601 Fire: Still Our Greatest Enemy 1 FREE
IHS0602 A Brief Introduction to Laser Awareness 1 FREE
IHS0603 Mitigation of Political Influence on Disaster Planning & Management Policy in Post-Terrorist Events 1 FREE
IHS06041 Consider the Traffic Stop: Beyond DUI 1 FREE
IHS06042 Fundamentals of Terrorism: Understanding the Threat and Preparing for the Next Attack 1 FREE
IHS06043 Technology and Terrorism: How the Internet Facilitates Radicalism 1 FREE
IHS1015 The Impact of Over-Hyping the Terrorism and Fear Connection 1 FREE
IHS1501A Second Aid: Preparing for Medical Emergencies 1 FREE
IHS1501B Transnational Terrorism: The Role of Financial Intelligence Examined 1 FREE
IHS1502A Cyber Threats, Extreme Solar Events and EMPs 1 FREE
IHS1502B Certified Airport Security Professional (CASP): Why Do We Need This Certification? 1 FREE
IHS1511 Do You Have An Operational Fraud Program? 1 FREE
IHS1602 Tactical Medicine for Police First Responders, Part I: Assimilating Military Medical Lessons into Civilian Law Enforcement 1 FREE
IHS1604 Protecting Children Through Environmental Design [PCTED] 1 FREE
IHS2014080 SMOKE: Effective Cognitive and Field Training for IED Detection 1 FREE
IHSFA0109 Preparing with the Medical Reserve Corps and the Swine Originated Influenza Virus 1 FREE
IHSFA0110 Mobile Secure and Private Communications with Advanced Encryption, Authentication, and Risk Prevention 1 FREE
IHSFA0112 Border Patrol and Narco-Terrorism 1 FREE
IHSFA0113 The Battle of Tora Bora 1 FREE
IHSFA0209 Do You Have an Operational Fraud Program? 1 FREE
IHSO1408 Mental Health Protection and First Responders to Crisis 1 FREE
IHSO1409 Caught On Video Cameras, Computers, and Control: Convenience or Conspiracy? 1 FREE
IHSO1412 The DBT and Its Role in Protection 1 FREE
IHSSP0109 Is the Healthcare Industry Prepared for Terrorism? - Revisited 1 FREE
IHSSP0110 From Bombs, Bullets to Bytes 1 FREE
IHSSP0111 Disaster Medicine: Using Modeling and Simulation to Determine Medical Requirements for Responding to Natural and Man-Made Disasters 1 FREE
IHSSP0112 Violence at Our Border: Its Potential Effects on Homeland Security 1 FREE
IHSSP0113 Decision Making Amid Crisis 1 FREE
IHSSP0209 The Cost of Defending a Nation: Balancing Liberty and Security in Defending Against Terrorism 1 FREE
IHSSP0210 Scenario Based Force on Force Training 1 FREE
IHSSP0211 Smuggling Tunnels: The Need for a Transnational Analysis 2 FREE
IHSSP0212 Major Islamist Terrorist Organizations: Just Icons, or More? Part 1 1 FREE
IHSSP0213 The Importance of Policies & Procedures in Improving Security Awareness 1 FREE
IHSSP0311 Water Sector Leads the Way in Facing Bioterrorism: Sustainability and Resilience 1 FREE
IHSSU0109 Smuggling Multi-Consignment Contraband: Isolated Incidence or a New Trend? 1 FREE
IHSSU0110 Female Terrorism: The X Factor 1 FREE
IHSSU0112 Major Terrorist Organizations: Just Icons, or More? - Part II 1 FREE
IHSSU0113 Psychological Aspects of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and High-Yield Explosives (CBRNE) 1 FREE
IHSSU0210 Interdiction Strategy: Finding a Balance Between Liberty and Security 1 FREE
IHSWI0109 Planning for the Unique Security Needs of Religious Institutions 1 FREE
IHSWI0111 Emergency Preparedness Involves More Than First Responders 1 FREE
IHSWI0113 The Sport Chaplain: Adding a "Game Face" to the Many Faces of Chaplaincy 1 FREE

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