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National Emergency
Management Teams

Become a member of a Certified in Homeland Security National Emergency Management Team (CHS-NEMT) by enrolling in one or more of 15 Divisions. The Divisions have been established as a vehicle to enhance meaningful networking opportunities among CHS members with specific areas of specialization in homeland security. The 15 Divisions are designed to serve as the building blocks for assembling multi-disciplinary, geographically based CHS-NEMTs throughout the country. Their purpose is to develop a proactive support unit to assist, supplement, and collaborate with all firstresponder agencies, groups, and organizations to achieve the maximum degree of preparedness to anticipate, prevent, and respond to acts of terrorism in order to protect our nation, families, and communities.


Each geographical region is part of one of the following national regions:
  • Northeastern Region (Regions I-III)
  • Southeastern Region (Region IV)
  • Midwestern Region (Regions V and VII)
  • Western Region (Regions VI and VIII–X)
A regional director leads each national region. A regional coordinator leads each geographical region, and each geographical region has four state coordinators. Click here to sign up for NEMT.

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