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Seperating Authentic Islam from Radical Extremism
Seperating Authentic Islam from Radical Extremism Banner

In recent days, much media attention has been devoted - and rightly so - to primarily two international news reports. The first recent incident was the entirely unexpected massacre of 12 writers, artists, and journalists who worked for a satirical newspaper in Paris known as "Charlie Hebdo". Second in the list of news developments, having occurred less than a week after the attacks in Paris, was the mass slaughter and burning of nearly 2,000 persons in various villages throughout Nigeria. Behind each of these senseless killings were two separate terror groups: ISIS & Boko Haram. While both groups are different in structure or even areas of geographic concentration, they both share one similarity, namely, that they assert the religion of Islam as their justification for the abhorrent actions.


Transnational Terrorism: The Role of Financial Intelligence Examined
Transnational Terrorism Banner

Transnational terrorism moves beyond borders and can have a significant impact on the economy of the country or region where acts of terrorism are committed. In this globalized economy, market interdependence is the norm; an act of transnational terrorism perpetrated in one country can have a profound effect on another country or region. This effect has a serious impact on not just Western economies but on the economies of the Middle East, Central and Southern Asia, the Pacific Rim and North Africa. The economic aspect of transnational terrorism not only refers to how economies are negatively impacted by acts of terrorism but also how the economic and financial support of transnational terrorism maintains current threats. Therefore, the need to utilize and improve upon financial intelligence gathering and analysis is paramount if authorities are to be successful at investigating acts of transnational terrorism and enforcing both the domestic and international law essential to maintaining a global economy.


Second Aid: Preparing for Medical Emergencies
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As a former Emergency Medical Technician and Rescue Diver, I have seen first aid and trauma kits of varying sizes, shapes and colors that included enough equipment to operate a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH) unit at the site of a catastrophe for a month. On the other hand, the most experienced flight nurse/combat medic I’ve ever known once said that if he had a 2X2 bandage and a pair of rubber gloves, he was “good to go” for almost any occasion. This illustrates that it’s the “carpenter and not the tools” that usually gets the job done, and thus competent, recurrent training becomes an essential component in the protection specialist’s toolbox.


Jessica Cummings

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