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The Sport Chaplain

This article discusses the emerging profession of sport chaplaincy as one of the many faces within chaplaincy. Academics have paid little attention to the relevance, function, and vitality of chaplains working within sports, despite the profession's growth at both credentialed and volunteer levels. The vast and rapid development of organizations such as Athletes in Action, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and the National Institute of Sport Professionals reveals the need for such a specialized field within chaplaincy at the national level. I approach this topic by explaining the six primary roles of sport chaplains: Sport plays a powerful role in bringing Americans together, and sport chaplains in particular can help foster a sense of community that can even act as a new face of homeland security chaplaincy.


Foundations of Critical Infrastructure
I recall the first few years after the creation of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Physical space at the new headquarters building was extraordinarily limited. There wasn't enough room for many of then-Secretary Tom Ridge's key employees to sit at a conference room table, because most of the conference rooms at DHS headquarters, called the Nebraska Avenue Complex, were used to house employees of the newly-created department.


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This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
We've spoken a lot about the different programs that DHS has in place for critical infrastructure protection. We've talked about the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) and the risk-based approach contained therein. We've discussed the intricacies of the Protected Critical Infrastructure Information (PCII) program and how the federal government and other partners use and protect our private and proprietary information. Over the years that I've been writing this column we've seen the federal CIP program evolve from 17 sectors, up to 18, then (with PPD-21) down to 16, and we've covered that. What we have not covered, however, is the very real issue of old and dilapidated infrastructure that plagues our nation.


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Followership: Leadership in Action
Followership. According to Merriam Dictionary, it is defined as "the act or condition of following a leader." Easy, right? I submit, not so much. Especially in organizations and an industry where we all believe we are leaders. After all, wouldn't we all like to believe we were born with unbelievable leadership traits or have mastered the art of leadership by attending a Franklin Covey leadership seminar, or have read enough books on leadership to insist we are master of all? The truth is, effective leaders, truly effective leaders, have mastered the art of followership. Followership is the genesis of this Organizational Matters column and can be transcribed as leadership in action.


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Don't Be a Wannabe

I remember over twenty years ago when the door opened for me to become a police chaplain. The local police chief wanted to start a police chaplain program and my pastor had received a letter asking our church to participate. The pastor wanted me to represent our church in the program.

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Preparation is a Culture

Preparation is more than planning for the next event. Preparation is a culture! We have been inundated nationally and internationally with events that have been categorized as terrorism, workplace violence, and natural disasters. Regardless of what we have before us as responders, planners, and appointed and elected officials, we must plan, practice, and prepare. We know that it is not a matter of if, but when. Active shooter incidents have been occurring at around one incident every couple of weeks since 2006. The numbers are increasing. The responses must be changed to protect as many lives as possible.


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