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Los Angeles County Sheriff building trust with the Muslim Community
After the 2005 London bombings in which four homegrown terrorists coordinated suicide attacks on the city's public transport system, Los Angeles County Sheriff Leroy D. Baca began looking for ways to prevent such an attack in his jurisdiction.


A Private Sector Polygraph Solution
The polygraph requirements of the Anti-Border Corruption Act of 2010 mandate that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) initiate 100% polygraph testing of law enforcement applicants by January 2013. The act is designed to address significant corruption problems within the CBP and a spike in corruption cases in recent years. Challenges confronting CBP management include the small number of qualified polygraph examiners available within federal agencies, the high demand for these examiners, and the availability of finite training resources.


Profiling: What Works and What Doesn't?
Profiling – there is an on-going national debate about this subject, but it is not a new issue. The current argument often centers on a racial profiling issue, but the efforts behind profiling from the law enforcement/security perspective goes far back in history, and arises from an admirable motivation.


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