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Retail and Terrorism: Strategies for Prevention and Improved Communications with Federal Agencies
Retail, the second-largest industry in the US, generates $3.8 trillion in annual revenues and employs 12% of the American workforce. The retail industry fuels our economy, supplies our nation, and represents the very heart of capitalism and everything extremist groups hate about Americans and our way of life. Not only would a successful attack in a densely populated retail environment represent a symbolic blow to the Western way of life.

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AL-QAEDA Its Future and Ours
Rarely a week goes by that we don't read about an al-Qaeda or Taliban commander being arrested or killed. Our instrument of choice is often a predator drone and most of the intelligence is collected through state-of-the-art intercept operations, confirmed by Predator and other imagery, as well as through more aggressive collection efforts by friendly liaison services.

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Law Enforcement and Security in Haiti
I recently returned from Haiti after a medical mission trip with Hope for Haiti. Our five-person team joined Hope International at Fort Liberte, Haiti, north of the "red zone" where patients and evacuees from the devastated area joined locals in seeking care at Fort Liberty Hospital.


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