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The Importance of Policies and Procedures in Improving Security Awareness
Of the top eight threats to companies, more than half can be traced back to employees; however, many companies fail to recognize that employees are a major problem and fail to take a proactive approach to the problem. Most companies just live with the problem and react when an incident occurs.


Non-Traditional Counterintelligence Threats
Counterintelligence has traditionally been a battle of spies versus counter-spies, where national intelligence agencies have been pitted one against the other in an effort to advance their own nations' policies and expand their strategic influence.


Norma Schroeder: Fostering collaborative research addressing food supply resilience and sustainability
Norma Schroeder works to prepare California's disaster responders for all forms of situational threats to the food supply—natural or intentional, small or big. In recent years, she has widened her scope of concern to include shaping research on long-term disruption to the food supply, an endeavor that is beginning to bear fruit.


Be Safe & Have a Plan: Interview with Adam Montella
With more than 27 years of direct homeland security and emergency management experience in government and private industry, Mr. Montella has worked at the local, state, and federal levels of government, as well as private industry, and with the American Red Cross. Montella is considered one of the top disaster planners in the United States.


Member Spotlight: Jesus Manuel Huertas, DBS, DMin, CMC
Dr. Jesus Manuel Huertas entered the ministry in 1984. His distinguished career has included two national awards by the Federal Bureau of Prisons and one by the Aleph Institute. Chaplain Huertas was part of the Crisis Support Team during the Timothy McVeigh Execution, and he also assisted during hurricanes Andrew and Rita.


What to do when school gets an...F
National Security concerns itself with the elements of national power (diplomatic, informational, intelligence, military, economic, and domestic) to secure and advance national interests overseas. Homeland Security focuses more narrowly on public safety and civil security at home, as well as securing and advancing domestic structures that create national power.


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