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Oscar Baez

I have over 29 years of Law Enforcement and security experience.  I also have over 16 years as an instructor/trainer and a Degree in Security Management. In the US Army, I was a Guerrilla and Desert Warfare Instructor. As police undercover operative I was involved in numerous high profile operations. As a result of these operations, I was awarded three Meritorious Medals from the FOP and the City of Miami Police Dept. I was also selected as City of Miami Officer of the Year once and State of Florida Officer of the Year twice. After Miami police, I went to Seminole Police Dept. I was responsible for the formation of the Emergency Response Team (SWAT). I served as Team Leader for 5 years. After retiring, I have remained in the tactical training and services field with my company Executive Tactical Training. Also during and even after my police career, I have been involved with Dignitary Protection. At the present time, I am involved with Active Shooter training. As far as I am concerned, this should be a main focus in the homeland security community. These events are occurring in schools, offices, restaurants and other public locations. I also believe that we are sorely lacking in providing training and assistance to our communities reference these Active Shooter events.