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Cameras, Computers, and Control: Convenience or Conspiracy

Cameras, Computers, and Control: Convenience or Conspiracy?

The next time you walk down a city street, take a look around: notice the number of video cameras and motion-activated devices present. This variety of surveillance devices helps control traffic, regulate complicated machinery, and deter crime. They’re right there next to the streetlights and traffic signals, and government buildings, police cars, and even shopping malls use video surveillance equipment in many ways. This same equipment used to control and regulate traffic flow and machinery, however, has been accused of violating our constitutional right to privacy.


The DBT and Its Role in Protection
The DBT and Its Role in Protection web banner

Rick Colliver draws on his experience as a consumer and as an industry expert to express the importance of theory in training for protection professionals. He discusses how the proper training increases your value and establishes credibility with your client.


The Future of Terrorism and Fear
The Future of Terrorism and Fear banner

Terrorist tactics can empower even the smallest groups, increasing the number of prospective adversaries capable of inflicting injury and destruction. Furthermore, there are multiple threat vectors available to terrorists, most of which fall within critical infrastructure and key resources. Disaster can bring forth fear in the population; however, researchers have ascertained that an adequately prepared population is less impacted by terrorism. Although multiple strategy documents exist to address terrorism, none specifically focus on the fear and panic generated by terrorism. The United States requires a strategy that not only addresses the threat vectors but also addresses the fear and panic generated by terrorism in order to minimize occurrences and their effects. It is incumbent on the government at all levels to communicate trustworthy and accurate messages in order to avoid creation of unnecessary confusion and fear in the population.


NSPC 3: The Complexity of our National Security Strategy
NCSP 3 Banner

In a previous Inside Homeland Security article, I commented about the various elements that provide national security, and mentioned the role of the National Security Strategy (NSS). I’d like to spend more time in discussing this seminal document, now that the Obama administration very recently published its current version (February 2015).


Jessica Cummings

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