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The Threat of Gender Stereotypes on the Administration of Justice

This paper explores the potential threat of traditional gender-role stereotypes on the administration of justice in the American judicial system, paying particular attention to the subject of violence perpetrated by women. Methods used by society to protect gender stereotypes are examined, including the labels given to women who violate socially constructed behavior boundaries by committing acts of violence. Consideration is given to the increasingly boisterous debate over a perceived epidemic of growing violence among females in an effort to demonstrate the widespread concern of this phenomenon. Additionally, the effect gender stereotyping has on our perceptions of culpability is discussed, followed by suggestions for future research.


Interrogating Immigration
Interrogating Immigration

Anthony Maranise offers insight into the unique perspective of a chaplain regarding the influx of migrants coming over our southern boarder. He answers some of the more common questions that are so important to politicians, reporters, clergy, and homeland security officials alike.


The Integrative Clinician
Interrogating Immigration

Integrative Approaches to Clinical Caregiving: A Personal Journey and a Worthy Endeavor

This article contains a brief discussion of (l) the author's concept of practice as an integrative professional, (2) an overview of what integrative care does and does not involve, (3) why integrative approaches may play an important role in the creation of vital linkages between caregiving professions, and (4) how the regular series The Integrative Clinician will operate to enhance integrative knowledge among professionals. The article also introduces the topic of integrative care by outlining three scenarios involving significant human problems, and identifying negative consequences in each of the caregiving situations presented. In future issues of Inside Homeland Security, the author will deconstruct each of these scenarios and examine them through an integrative lens, in order to acquaint the reader with the difference in outcomes which the professional exercise of an integrative approach might have made in lives of the individuals portrayed.


Chrys Parker

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