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Pamphlet Dispersed Helps Troops Identify Afghan Personnel Likely to Attack

By ACFEI Staff2, CHS-III      ( 0 ) Comments   |   Published On Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

Pamphlet Dispersed Helps Troops Identify Afghan Personnel Likely to Attack

A new pamphlet issued in February to troops in Afghanistan gives tips on how to resolve situations, identify potential attackers, and how to deal with insider threats.

Marked “for official use only,” the new pamphlet is being kept from public eyes to limit the ability of the Taliban to receive it and analyze the information.

Inside the Wire Threats – Afghanistan Green on Blue is the title of the document. In it, U.S. service members are taught to always have their weapons on them preloaded with one magazine of ammunition. This includes in mess halls and dining rooms, where troops have been vulnerable in the past.

Broad indications of behavior by Afghans indicating threats are also included to limit the amount of surprise attacks. For example, if the military personnel notices Afghans complaining about other countries or religions, advocating violence, undergoing a personality change, becoming isolated and not wanting to be around others, speaking in favor of radical ideology or showing undue interest in coalition base headquarters or living quarters, they might be a potential threat.

Troops are also getting stateside training in how to recognize and deal with insider threats prior to deployment.

According to a U.S. Department of Defense official, so far, the U.S. believes 40% of recent attacks by Afghan security personnel against the coalition are due to Afghan members' own combat or emotional stress, and 15% are a result of intimidation by the insurgency or actually being recruited by it.

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