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By ACFEI Staff2, CHS-III      ( 0 ) Comments   |   Published On Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013


…………a privately-held, American-owned contract security services company based in Atlanta, Georgia.

SecurAmerica provides a wide range of security services to clients in a wide range of industries including government, private sector and medical facilities. In addition, SecurAmerica produces SECURALERT publications which can be found on their website.
The April Edition of SecurAlert covers Emergency Preparedness
 Property owners, building managers and security personnel have a tremendous responsibility to protect life and property when a disaster strikes but, most importantly, they need to prepare in advance for such an event in order to maximize the success of a property’s response and minimize any negative impact associated with an emergency.

This month’s SecurAlert will focus on the three primary phases of emergency preparedness – Prevention, Response and Recovery. Each of the three phases has subsets that contribute to creating a robust preparedness program. Many emergency preparedness experts believe that the Prevention phase is THE critical element in emergency planning. Without careful pre-planning in the prevention phase, disasters could cripple an organization.
To access SecurAlert publications in full,  
see:  http://www.securamericallc.com/news-and-events/securalerts.php



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