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Certified in Cyber Warfare, CW TTP's 1

About the CW TTP's 1 Certification Program

Cyber warfare is the method of obtaining sensitive, proprietary or classified information from individuals, rivals, organizations, governments using various exploitation methods on the world wide web, networks, software, and or computers.

Certified in Cyber Warfare, CW TTP's 1 is an entry-level certification for those individuals who would like to join the information security workforce. This first certification will validate the knowledge and skills a candidate needs to begin their journey in the exciting world of cyber warfare! Cyber warfare specialists are in demand from the Pentagon to Fortune 500 companies. Get certified today!

Successful candidates will have learned the basic terminology and concepts to compete for in demand jobs in a globalized world.

The exam is based on the exam outline. The certification fee includes the recommended reading. ABCHS recommends candidates review the exam outline along with the recommended reading if they are not fully versed in all the topics covered.

Recommended experience

  • Minimum of two years of experience in IT with a focus on security
  • Cyber Warfare TTP's 1 Certification Program Requirements

    The assessment component of the CW TTP's 1 program is a certification exam that follows this outline:

    Content Areas (Domains) Percentage of Exam
    Cyber Threatscape 16%
    Cyber Doctrine 3%
    Physical Weapons 3%
    Psychological Weapons 12%
    Computer Network Exploitation 20%
    Computer Network Attack 15%
    Computer Network Defense 20%
    Legal Issues and Impact 11%

    To learn more about Cyber Warfare, CW TTP's 1, call American Board for Certification in Homeland Security toll free at (800) 205-9165, or send an e-mail to support@abchs.com.

    Recommended Reading

    *Included with certification fee
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