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Certified Master Chaplain, CMC

Virtually every community is vulnerable to some type of disaster or emergency that threatens loss of life and property. Government organizations at all levels share the common goal of preventing or lessening the effects of disasters caused by natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and technological events. The Certified Master Chaplain is in a unique position to help manage and coordinate support staff and recovery efforts.

When disasters or other emergencies actually occur, there is always an increased need for religious and psychological support to help people and communities recover from the effects of such events. From school shootings and terrorist bombings to hurricanes and floods, chaplains are needed to help people navigate the emotional stages of processing these events. The Certified Master Chaplain is often deployed in the field, working with victims, survivors, team members, and others.

Sponsored by the American Board of Certified Master Chaplains, CMCSM the purpose of the program is to create a new breed of chaplains to meet the needs of homeland security tasking. The CMCSM program helps current law enforcement, fire/rescue, EMS, crisis, hospital, or military chaplains in making the transition to the Incident Command System as Certified Master Chaplains/Emergency Management Chaplain. The course helps chaplains provide the religious and psychological support needed by individuals and communities that have experienced a disaster or emergency. Chaplains in all areas of service need the information provided in this program to help prepare for the challenge of ministering to those in need after a disaster or other event.

The CMC program will prepare and educate you on the following:

  • The common key responsibilities applicable to all personnel in an Incident Command System (ICS) Operation
  • The use of religious support (chaplain/debriefing) resources
  • Critical Incident Stress Management
  • The National Framework Structure for Emergency Management

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