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Certified Homeland Security Emergency Medical Response, CHSEMR

Since the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11th. , it has become clear that no facility, location, or person is immune from domestic or international terrorism. Terrorists have started moving away from well-protected government and symbolic structures to attack more vulnerable targets such as schools, hospitals, and theaters. That means security professionals and medical personal must be constantly ready for the unexpected. Explosives, biological attacks, chemical weapons, radiological incidents, and even nuclear threats are being employed by terrorists around the globe. It is absolutely essential that emergency responders have a working knowledge of these threats if they are to effectively mitigate these incidents and avoid injury to themselves and others.

The Certified Homeland Security and Emergency Medical Response Course provides a clear and concise overview of common terrorist threats and how to handle them. The course also offers practical instruction on the necessary equipment used and practice scenarios to help hone response skills. It discusses the basic techniques for risk assessment, target and hazard identification, as well as countermeasures and response methods. Effective response to any terrorist attack or public safety threat can happen when responders have a plan and are properly trained to handle such incidents.

This course is a must for public safety professionals and emergency medical service personnel who want to be prepared for any and all threats to their communities.

About the CHSEMR Certification Program Requirements

This course is designed for both public safety professionals (police, fire, homeland security and emergency medical services [EMS]) who would like to know more about chemical biological, radiological and explosion threats faced. For professionals the course can include skill stations on use of necessary equipment as well as scenarios to practice evaluation and management of threat situations. The book is part of a 16 hour continuing education course designed to educate the student in the complexities of response in a chemical, biological, radiobiological or explosion environment. Although not a part of terrorism but an issue for public safety and medical personnel, clandestine drug laboratories are also addressed. The course provides information for the emergency response professional to recognize a terrorist event; the book educates the responder regarding chemical, biological and radiological agents, dispersion methods and the selection and use of personal protective equipment along with detection methods. The course also addresses the explosion and incendiary environment, improvised explosive and improvised incendiary devices, countermeasures for such devices and response methods. Further, the course integrates the recognition, detection methods, response tactics, medical syndromes and treatment modalities for each agent or environment. The text provides the student a clear understanding of the needed steps for self-protection, response and treatment of those injured in the enumerated settings.

The CHSEMR course will prepare and educate you on the following:

  • Chemical, biological, radiological, and explosion threat situations and how to respond to them
  • Practice evaluation and management of threat situations
  • Clandestine drug laboratories as a threat to public safety
  • Recognition and detection methods for terrorist threats
  • Medical syndromes and treatments for various threats
  • U.S. Citizenship (or Active Duty status in the U.S. military
  • Agreement to uphold the ABCHS Code of Conduct

Eligibility Requirements
  • No felony convictions
  • No dishonorable discharge from the military.
  • 2 years of experience in general training, knowledge, skills, or education in Homeland Security or a Homeland Security-related field recommended
CHSEMR Certification Program Requirements

The assessment component of the CHSEMR program is a certification exam.

To maintain the certification, CHSEMR certification holders must submit (30) Continuing Education Units (CEU) credits per three-year recertification cycle.

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"The American Board for Certification in Homeland Security has created for me a single portal allowing me to further my education and training in all venues of Homeland Security while allowing me to build a network of valuable resources and contacts in related fields. Anyone wanting to stay on the cutting edge of Homeland Security and related fields must belong to this outstanding organization."

- Dr. David J. Fair

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