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Frequently Asked Questions

What certification programs does American Board for Certification in Homeland Security (ABCHS) offer?

ABCHS is constantly developing new certification programs. The Association offers several currently. These include: the Certified in Homeland Security, CHS® program consisting of five (5) levels, Certified in Disaster Preparedness (CDP-I), Sensitive Security Information (SSI), Homeland Security and Emergency Medical Response (HSEMR), Intelligence Analyst Certified (IAC), Certified Master Chaplain (CMC), and Anti-Sabotage Certified (ASC).

What are the eligibility requirements I must meet to sit for ABCHS certification exams?

Each ABCHS certification has unique eligibility requirements. Click here to find out which ABCHS certification exam you are eligible to sit for.

How do I apply for ABCHS certifications?

Each ABCHS certification has a unique application. Click here to find applications for ABCHS certifications.

How does ABCHS develop its certification exams?

ABCHS seeks to deliver valid and reliable certification exams. Therefore, in the spring of 2011, ABCHS began following an extensive, cyclical process in developing its certification exams. Included in this process are Job Task Analysis studies resulting in comprehensive test content outlines, test item development and validation, test form construction, and item analysis. ABCHS certification exams will be reviewed at least annually, and new Job Task Analyses will be conducted at least every five (5) years. Currently, the ABCHS certifications following this process are the Certified in Homeland Security, CHS® program (all five levels).

What content is on ABCHS certification exams?

Many ABCHS certification exams derive from course content that is accessible on the same webpage as the link to the exam. However, the content of each ABCHS certification exam developed using the new process can be found in the certification's test content outline. Click here to find test content outlines for ABCHS certifications developed using the new process.

How do I advance to the next level of CHS certification?

In order to advance, candidates must successfully complete the CHS exams in successive order.

How do I sign up for higher levels of CHS?

First, log in to the Members Area of the Web site. After logging in, you will see a gray dialog box that indicates your current CHS level. This box provides a link to upgrade to the next level. Click that link to proceed. For any questions you have regarding CHS, you may call member services toll free at (877) 219-2519 between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm CST.

I have several people in my company that I want to come aboard the CHS program; how can I get them information?

If you have questions regarding group rates, please contact the ABCHS Chief Association Officer at (800) 592-0960

How do I take the CHS-IV prerequisite courses from FEMA (IS-00100.B, IS-00700.A and IS-00800.B)?

These courses can be taken free of charge at FEMA's training Web site. Below are the links for each prerequisite course:
Upon completion of ALL THREE courses, please submit your certificates of completion to ABCHS headquarters by e-mail to cao@abchs.com or fax (417) 881-1865.

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