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Janet M. Schwartz


Dr. Jan Schwartz is President of Forensic Fraud Research, Inc. a non-profit investigative firm that became affiliated with the National White Collar Crime Center in 2003. As a forensic behavioral scientist, Jan brings to the table a wealth of experience in forensic fraud research and investigation, and has been retained as a consultant by both public and private entities. She has compiled data for and provided information to the HIDTA Money-Laundering Division of the FBI in Manhattan, the FBI in Washington, D.C., the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Science Foundation, the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the Ohio Organized Crime Investigations Commission, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, the Ohio Governor’s Office and 19 other state departments in addition to various United States Attorney’s Offices.

In 2005, the U.S. Department of Justice requested permission to videotape her presentation, “Psychology of White-Collar Criminals,” for use on their Justice Television Network. Her 19 years of intelligence-gathering efforts and research while conducting semi-structured interviews with more than 250 victims, whistleblowers, alleged offenders, offenders and alleged offenders’ spouses and family members, witnesses and bystanders has resulted in the identification of the “Behavioral Characteristics and Personality Traits of the White-Collar Organized Criminal and the White-Collar Organized Community.”

Several projects are among the events that have blended her work into the world of homeland security. Among these are writing “The Psychological Profile of a Spy (2006) “ for the American Board for Certification in Homeland Security , and conducting a pilot program for the nation, “Overcoming Resistance on the Local Level (2008).” Schwartz is Certified in Homeland Security Level V, is an Intelligence Analyst, Certified, and serves on the Executive Advisory Board of the American Board of Intelligence Analysts. She is also a member of Infraguard.

Dr. Schwartz has been an Adjunct Professor of Behavioral Sciences at the Northeast Ohio Universities College of Medicine. She has served on the American Board of Forensic Examiners Board of Scientific and Technical Advisors since 1997, serving as its chair in 2001. She is a fellow of the American College of Forensic Examiners, a diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Examiners (primary areas: family therapy, forensic fraud research and pain management), a diplomate of the American Association of Integrated Medicine, a diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Medicine, a diplomate of the American Board of Psychological Specialties (triple boarded: behavioral science, family/marital/domestic relations psychology, and medical psychology) and a diplomate of the American Academy of Pain Management.

An exhaustive list of her community service roles has earned her respect from a wide base of colleagues. A Nationally Certified Psychologist, a Board Certified Clinical Psychologist, and a National Certified Counselor, Jan has been the recipient of numerous awards. Among them is the 2007 Outstanding Leadership & Exceptional Service Award presented by the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute.

Schwartz’s scholarship has been published in both medical as well as law enforcement journals. She is in wide demand as a public speaker, and was the Keynote Speaker at the ACFEI/APA National Conference Banquet in Kansas City, Missouri. Jan has made multiple media appearances, including participation in talk radio interviews, and has been the topic of many news articles, particularly during her run for the Ohio Senate.

In February 2011, Dr. Jan Schwartz was appointed Chair of the International College of the Behavioral Sciences. Her first book, Last Summer with Oscar will be published in August 2011.

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