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John W. A. Didden,


John Didden served in the Dutch Armed Forces for 37 years, of which 24 were in the Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence Services. His core counter-terrorism activities at this time were directed against organizations such as the Baader Meinhoff Group, the IRA and the Rote Armee Fraction. The last position he held during his government tenure was as Chief of Industrial Security for the Dutch Ministry of Defense. For the special services he provided to the country, John was awarded a Knighthood in the Order of Orange Nassau by the Queen of the Netherlands, Juliana of Orange Nassau, in 1977.

After leaving full-time public service for his country, John spent 23+ years carrying out risk management and security-related work in the international private sector. In the process, he held CEO and Managing Director posts, and founded his own security consulting company. In such executive roles, John’s work focused on comprehensively countering the serious risks terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Hamas and others posed to the commercial sector. During this period, John lived and worked in the Middle East and further conducted business in Asia and North Africa.

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