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The Intelligence Analyst Certified, IACĀ®


The objective of the American Board of Intelligence Analysts® (ABIA) is to promote excellence in the examination, study, and assessment of real and potential threats, risks, and adversaries in the public and private intelligence sector(s).Our mission is accomplished through a sector-agnostic approach to the study of best practices, tactics, operation, organizational structure, mindset, and leadership in the analysis of intelligence for a multitude of purposes.

The American Board of Intelligence Analysts®was formed to enhance the quality of the intelligence life cycle by certifying intelligence analysts and intelligence practitioners to include law enforcement officers, fusion center coordinators, members of the military, security professionals, and corporate stakeholders who demonstrate the knowledge, skills, attitudes essential for excellence, and the review, interpretation, and assessment of intelligence through various levels of specialized training and sharing of best practices among their respective organizations.
Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the 9/11 Commission Report cited a number of examples in which the lack of effective information sharing between federal, state, and local agencies resulted in the failure of authorities to intercept the attacks; our Nation's inabilities to share intelligence across agency or sector lines was highlighted. In order to survive against the internal threat of terrorism, the intelligence community was forced to expand from its traditional defense and international coordination infrastructure into the state, local, and corporate sectors.

The American Board of Intelligence Analysts® aims to create a certification standard for intelligence practitioners serving in the current multi-faceted intelligence environment to benchmark professionals in the field and enhance our nation's ability to gather, analyze, disseminate, and utilize information to prevent terrorist attacks; prevent or solve crimes; protect against, respond to, and recover from security breeches and incidents of all kinds; and to coordinate and strengthen the mission of protecting the free world from acts of tyranny, terror, and aggression.

The American Board of Intelligence Analysts® supports best practices such as the InfraGard program, sector-specific information sharing & analysis centers (ISACs), regional fusion centers, and other similar organizations throughout the Intelligence Community.

As the ABCHS puts together this esteemed board of professionals, we look forward to the privilege of working with established intelligence and public trust professionals in developing a program, as a team, that will be for the betterment of the ABCHS and humankind.


The Value of Information

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