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Benjamin Nieves


Benjamin Nieves is an internationally known security consultant, trainer, speaker, and professional analyst. He is an expert in the fields of emergency management, security management, planning, antiterrorism, high risks special events coordination, design and training development. He specializes in the anticipation, recognition, and prevention of incidents on most public and private property types. He consults with top executive entrepreneurs, government officials, insurance agencies, and other personal advisory on how to protect life and property. Mr. Nieves also consults with the media, being the first security professional in the Caribbean with its own public TV broadcast news section (Noticentro al Amanecer) dedicated to Security and Emergency Management. Nieves is also the author and developer of a complete educational program for Certification in Security Management for Columbia University in Caguas, Puerto Rico.

Mr. Nieves is one of the fourteen CPP's (Certified Protection Professional) in Puerto Rico (CPA=Accounting, CPP=Security). For years the world has recognized a need for competent professionals who can effectively manage complex emergency management, security and safety issues that threaten people and the assets of governments, corporations and public and private institutions. As the emphasis on protecting people, property, and information increases, it has strengthened the demand for professional managers. To meet these needs, the American Society for Industrial Security International administers the Certified Protection Professional program.

Throughout the world, the Certified Protection Professional (CPP) designation is acknowledged as the security and safety profession's highest recognition of practitioners. It is evidence that an individual is "Board Certified in Security Management." The CPP is awarded based upon experience, education, and passage of an examination that provides an objective measure of an individual's broad-based knowledge and competency in security management. Ongoing professional development is required in order to maintain the credential.

Mr. Nieves is the current State Coordinator for the National Preparedness and Response Team of Puerto Rico, supervising the Certification for Homeland Security program. He is part of the Public Safety Advisory Committee. Nieves is also the author and developer of a complete educational program for Certification in Security Management for Columbia University in Caguas, Puerto Rico. He is the only ACAMS (Automated Critical Asset Management System) Certified Supervisor. Nieves had also earned the PCII (Protected Critical Infrastructure Information) State Officer Certification.

Benjamin Nieves had conducted hundreds of security surveys of commercial, industrial and public properties where crime and emergencies had been a problem and had provided advice on how to mitigate risks. Mr. Nieves is an specialist on the subjects of physical security, protection of information, emergency management and the development of complete exercise and training programs. Most of his presentations as keynotes speaker had been in the field of Homeland Security and Antiterrorism Awareness. He had trained more than 22,000 public safety and emergency management officials on Antiterrorism, DECON Procedures and Emergency Planning.

Nieves is the only CHS-V (Certified in Homeland Security Level 5) in Puerto Rico. He had been awarded with Members Achievement Award of 2005 by the American College of Forensic Examiners at the National Conference in San Diego, CA. Mr. Nieves had been certified as Security Trainer by the Academy of Educators and Trainers, Personal Protection Specialist by the Executive Protection Institute, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Technician by Research Electronics International Institute, and Esquired by the International Bodyguard Association in Ireland.

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