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Brendalyn "Val" Bilotti


With 30+ years of experience, Ms. Bilotti has a unique well rounded background in the medical field, Emergency Response and Emergency Preparedness. Currently, she is the principle/owner of QUEST Quality Emergency & Safety Training, a community and corporate consulting company. She has synergistically combined her military medical experience with current homeland security needs to address ongoing preparation efforts of law enforcement, first responders, emergency personnel, as well as the training needs of the general public.

As the Medical Branch Chief for Urban Shield since 2007, she is responsible for all medical and support functions of this International Homeland Security Exercise. As a member of the Alameda County Sheriffs Search & Rescue Team, she was command staff during the 2006 Nina Reiser Search and participated in the 2008 recover efforts and well as the Cantu and Campbell searches. She is a credentialed California educator and POST Certified faculty member of the Alameda County Sheriffs Office Regional Training Center. In addition to teaching at the Academy, She teaches Basic SWAT classes on emergency medical care and Tactical Medicine.

As a Registered Nurse, she has played a variety of roles throughout her career, including: Director of Performance Improvement, Risk Management & Medical Records, JCAHO Preparation Consultant for an acute care facility.


  • Terrorism Liaison Officer-NCRIC
  • Member of CDMSA
  • Board member: BASARC
  • Board member: 2010 Editorial Advisory Board inside Homeland Security
  • Board member: Alameda County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue
  • Presenter: 2009 National Homeland Security Conference Las Vegas - Volunteers' in Homeland Security Support Efforts
  • Presenter: 2009 National BASARC Conference, Little Rock AK- Search & Rescue in Homeland Security Support Efforts
  • Presenter: 2009 Urban Shield Dublin CA – Urban Shield Medical Briefing
  • Presenter: 2010 National Homeland Security Conference Orlando Florida – Medical Professionals in Homeland Security Support Efforts
  • Presentation: 2010 Urban Shield, Dublin CA –Urban Shield Medical Briefing
  • Article: Urban Shield 2010 Hotwash Commemorative Program, TEMS, Tactical Emergency Medical Support, p60
  • Presenter: 2011 National NASAR Conference, Reno Nevada, Volunteer First Responders
  • Article: URBAN SHIELD 2011 Commemorative Program, Urban Shield TAC MED, Tactical Medicine Competency-Based Curriculum, p31

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