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Gerald A. Cavis


A 33-year veteran of law enforcement and security, Gerald A. “Gerry” Cavis is a security consultant and national security specialist with expertise in pro-active prevention crime reduction, vulnerability training and assessments, event security management, personal protection, multi-agency planning for securing facilities and events, and development of command and control operations centers. In 2004, Gerry retired from the U.S. Secret Service, culminating his government career as Special Agent in Charge of the Orlando, Florida field division.

Gerry currently serves as the Vice President of Corporate Protection for the Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC), in Chicago, Illinois. HCSC is the fourth largest health insurance company in the United States and the largest customer-owned health insurer. Gerry is responsible for the daily collection and analysis of intelligence information that could impact enterprise operations. His duties include risk and threat analysis, physical protection of key executives, and ongoing security assessments. Gerry served previously as the Managing Director of Security for NASCAR, where he was responsible for all aspects of executive, corporate and track event pro-active prevention, as well as safety, security, and contingency planning. Gerry recently served and currently consults as the National Security Specialist at Fox Valley Technical College. There he has overseen training for the college’s nationally-recognized law enforcement and Criminal Justice Center programs. Gerry writes and trains a variety of law enforcement programs for seminars and skills specific needs that includes dignitary/executive protection; facility security assessment; case management and intelligence information analysis and sharing; major event planning; incident command center and communications center development/management for events or emergencies; field and table-top exercise coordination; courthouse security; shopping mall and other public use facilities security and safety planning; and school safety/security planning, identity theft, credit and banking fraud, and cyber security. During the 2004 campaign cycle, Gerry served as the Director of Security for the non-partisan Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) where his responsibilities included addressing all aspects of security assessment, terrorism vulnerability, contingency planning and liaison with the local, state, and federal law enforcement, and public safety planning partners at each site.

While with the Secret Service, Gerry developed specialized expertise in securing high-profile events. He was a primary architect in creating the Secret Service’s major event planning template, a multi-agency business model for partnership, organizational structure and timeline development. This model has been adopted by the law enforcement and public safety sectors, and is the foundation for National Special Security Events, an anti-terrorism initiative now coordinated by the Department of Homeland Security and applied to all major national events.

In his career with the Secret Service, Gerry had direct responsibility for overall security at many events including the NATO 50th Anniversary Summit in Washington, D.C., and the Visit of Pope John Paul II to St. Louis. Gerry developed and/or managed communications and incident command centers for the post 9/11/01, United Nations - Anti-Terrorism Summit immediately following the attacks on 9/11 and the New Orleans Super Bowl (XXVI), January of 2008. Gerry served on the Presidential Protective Division (PPD) for four years, where he was the lead agent in charge of overall security for 25 foreign and domestic presidential trips and for the 1997 Presidential Inaugural, coordinating all aspects of security for the President’s participation in inaugural events. Gerry supervised one of the four close personal protection shifts with direct responsibility for the life of the President. In 2000, he was in charge of developing the overall security plans for the Presidential campaign, which included supervising and coordinating the operational security planning and the anti-terrorism contingencies for all of the candidate protective details, the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, the Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates, as well as the 2001 Presidential Inaugural. In addition to directing those events he coordinated the communications and incident command center operations. Gerry is a recognized master logistics and operations commander for managing large scale events involving thousands of personnel, communications, equipment, lodging, transportation, training, contingency planning, and after action reporting.

Gerry’s expertise in security planning and event management also benefits private industry clientele. He has served as a security consultant, provided personal protection for Fortune 500 executives, and has assisted corporations in the development of pro-active preventative security initiatives and anti-terrorism planning. Gerry consulted on security planning for the 2004 Presidential Campaign, the G-8 Summit at Sea Island, Georgia, and the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece. He has also worked as a Technical Advisor for motion picture and television projects, including “The Sentinel” from 20th Century Fox, a series pilot for ABC titled “The Service”, the movie “Motorcade”, which is currently in development at DreamWorks SKG, and “Man of the Year.” Gerry was also a contributing Advisor to the film “Vantage Point.”

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