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Jim U. Floyd

Protective Operations Manager, Global Security Team, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Former US Army Military Policeman who performed a variety of US Army and Military Police roles during both peacetime and war, including serving as a Personal Security Detail Leader for two commanding generals. Entered the private sector in 1995 and joined the Perot Group of Dallas, Texas providing the full range of E / DP support to including conducting advances and providing protection for his assigned principal at two National Party Conventions. Subsequently served on the presidential level protective detail in the Republic of Haiti providing the full range of E / DP during the partial tenures of two heads of state in that nation. He is currently the Protective Operations Manager for the Global Security Team of The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and is directly responsible for all protective operations conducted in support of executive and foundation staff globally. He supervised the development and implementation of risk mitigation strategies, emergency contingency planning and management of the organization's Crisis Management Plan.

Board Members

Vice Chair

Board Members:
  • David Johnson

  • Vern Abila

  • Howard Weisman

  • Dennis D'Alessio

  • Jim Floyd

  • Mark Garver

  • Marc Glasser

  • Clint Hilbert

  • Michael Nossaman

  • Mark Gutke

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