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David L. Johnson

President, ITG Consultants, Inc.

Retired US Army CID Special Agent, who was one of the first Americans ever accepted to train with the British Royal Military Police Corps Close Protection Training Course. Founding NCOIC of the USAREUR protective detail created after the 1981 General Kroesen assassination attempt, contributing author of US Army Military Police Corps training doctrine and programs relating to E / DP. Former Chief of Investigative Services, US Army (CID) Protective Services Unit that provided global protective services for the most senior Department of Defense and Department of the Army civilian and military leadership and their foreign counterparts when visiting the United States. Led first two state department contracts in Haiti and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Managed multiple protective operations in Haiti, Afghanistan and Iraq. Currently president of veteran owned small business providing training, consulting and contracted security support in the E / DP and high risk environment fields.

Mr. Johnson is a published author of numerous articles, including multiple articles for Inside Homeland Security and the book Advance: The Guide for Conducting a Protective Security Advance.

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