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Certified in Dignitary and Executive Protection, CDEP®


The most credible, nationally recognized, and universally accepted certification for Individuals working within the dignitary and executive protection community in order to Enhance the level of professionalism in the industry.


To create an acknowledged and accepted mechanism and process for achieving dignitary And executive protection certification. To educate dignitary and executive protection practitioners as to the legal, ethical, and procedural responsibilities associated with protective operations. To foster the personal and professional growth of dignitary and executive protection professionals through higher education and specialized credentialing and by advocating for the advancement of all methods, practices, research, and studies associated within this field of endeavor. To recognize superior standards of commitment, training, and experience of ABCDEP members.


The American Board for Certification in Dignitary and Executive Protection (CDEP) announces its completion of a methodical and comprehensive investigation into the knowledge, skills, and abilities required of a successful dignitary and executive protection professional. The study focuses on the evolving scope of dignitary and executive protection, and spotlights the multi-faceted expertise required of a successful professional in this role.

The Certified in Dignitary and Executive Protection (CDEP) exam administered by CDEP, a Board sponsored by The American Board for Certification in Homeland Security, CHS® (ABCHS) is designed to differentiate between candidates that meet minimum standards for the CDEP credential and those who do not.

A committee of subject matter experts (SMEs) is necessary to oversee the examination process. A panel of CDEP professionals representing over 330 years of experience collected and collated the list of tasks: members of the American Board for Certification in Dignitary and Executive Protection developed the task list and ABCHS Staff oversaw the collaboration of the list.

The content of the CDEP examination is based on the results of a job analysis study. A model commonly used for credentialing exams, and used for the CDEP, is a task inventory to produce a comprehensive list of professional tasks performed on the job, after which a wide range of practitioners in the field rate each task on aspects such as importance and time spent on the task in a normal work week. This provides empirical evidence for which tasks are more important or more frequent in the job; those tasks should obviously have more weight on the final test than rare or unimportant tasks.

Domains of CDEP Exam
Fundamental Protection Tasks
Threat Assessment
Advance Operations
Protective Formations
Security Agent Operations
Improvised Explosive Devices
Motorcade Operations
Surveillance and Surveillance Detection

Purpose of Certified in Dignitary and Executive Protection:

  • Elevate professional standards
  • Enhance individual; development and performance
  • Designate those who demonstrate the knowledge essential to the security of dignitaries and executives

Board Members

Vice Chair

Board Members:
  • David Johnson

  • Vern Abila

  • Howard Weisman

  • Dennis D'Alessio

  • Jim Floyd

  • Mark Garver

  • Marc Glasser

  • Clint Hilbert

  • Michael Nossaman

  • Mark Gutke

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